Kiyomizu-dera Temple, Kyoto
Monday, February 29th 2016

This is the second day of my trip to Kyoto ⛩. Woke up late and we are 5, which means, we had to shower💧 one after another – one of the reasons why we head out of apartment passed 11. Had full meal brunch at Matsuya 🍜 which is inside Kirara Kujo Shopping Street. We ordered using vendo machine, I used my Pasmo and rewarded myself with kimchi jjigae. Second day to Kyoto! 💜 We head to Kiyomizudera temple🎐for the Lunar New Year. ✨🌕

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Osakako at Night
Saturday, February 13th 2016

I’m back again, Japan! 🇯🇵 I missed you! ❤️ But this time and this year, Kansai region❣️ I arrived at Osaka first week of February for a week-long vacation, 2 months after my Tokyo trip. 🗼

Osakako at Night

Midnight stroll with my friend Y on our first night 🌙 at Osakako, a neighborhood which is located at Osaka Bay. I love it here because the place is very quiet, 🚲 empty streets before midnight, cheap vendo drinks from 50~80 yen, 🍪 has accessible konbinis nearby like Lawson, Family Mart and 7-Eleven.

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Tokyo Disney Sea
Sunday, November 22nd 2015

Disney Sea |

Although my mum 🙋wants to go to Tokyo Disneyland 🎠, we opted to visit Disney Sea 🐟 first, and planned to visit Tokyo Disneyland right after if there’s time. From Shibuya, we – my mum, along with my brother, took the rapid train 🚅 to New South Exit of Shinjuku.

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Saturday, November 21st 2015

The image below is taken at JR Harajuku Station. Across this is Takeshita-dori (Takeshita Street) and the trees at the back are part of Meiji Shrine ⛩ & Yoyogi Park which are both walking distance and can access by walking for 7 minutes.

And this one below is the Tokyo Metro Harajuku Station. I personally love the exterior design of this station, as it doesn’t feel like Japan at all. This exit is near Meiji Shrine and Omotesando intersection.

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Hello and see you, Tokyo! ☁︎
Monday, October 19th 2015


I am going to Tokyo, Japan this Autumn! 🍂 I can’t hardly wait❣️ This is decided and booked on a whim because I told my mum I will go watch concert~ Autumn is also my favourite season. I definitely miss the maple 🍁 and ginko leaves, the cold breeze and the vivid colours of trees! 🍃

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