Ewha Womans University (E-dae)
Tuesday, October 29th 2013

Ewha Womens University

Ewha Womans University (E-dae)
Sinchon, Seoul, South Korea

This uni is a must-visit because of its scenic landscape especially during 🍂 autumn. The colours of trees and leaves 🍃 are pretty that even outside campus, huge trees aligned 🌳🌳🌳 on sidewalk looks enchanted. Also, located nearby is ‘Fashion Street’ with pretty themed cafes, food stalls 🍩 and stores that sells cheap trendy clothing 👕 and accessories! 👛

The architecture 🏤 of buildings looks western with big adobe rocks and arches. Campus is openly huge, you can walk around and enjoy quiet time to study 📒. It’s best to go during autumn/fall so it won’t be hot ☀️ and sweaty 💦 during summer.

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