Good Morning, Morong ♡
Sunday, April 17th 2016

Morong, Bataan

Good morning! ☀️ I was at Morong, Bataan last Wednesday. ⛵️ All of these pictures are taken early morning, around 6:30.  I woke up around 5 AM because I couldn’t sleep that night. The kids are out for their morning swim ⛱ so I also went out to see the calm scenery of the sea.

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Kiyomizu-dera Temple, Kyoto
Monday, February 29th 2016

This is the second day of my trip to Kyoto ⛩. Woke up late and we are 5, which means, we had to shower💧 one after another – one of the reasons why we head out of apartment passed 11. Had full meal brunch at Matsuya 🍜 which is inside Kirara Kujo Shopping Street. We ordered using vendo machine, I used my Pasmo and rewarded myself with kimchi jjigae. Second day to Kyoto! 💜 We head to Kiyomizudera temple🎐for the Lunar New Year. ✨🌕

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Osakako at Night
Saturday, February 13th 2016

I’m back again, Japan! 🇯🇵 I missed you! ❤️ But this time and this year, Kansai region❣️ I arrived at Osaka first week of February for a week-long vacation, 2 months after my Tokyo trip. 🗼

Osakako at Night

Midnight stroll with my friend Y on our first night 🌙 at Osakako, a neighborhood which is located at Osaka Bay. I love it here because the place is very quiet, 🚲 empty streets before midnight, cheap vendo drinks from 50~80 yen, 🍪 has accessible konbinis nearby like Lawson, Family Mart and 7-Eleven.

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Taal Excursion
Sunday, December 20th 2015

Basilica of Saint Martin of Tours
Taal, Batangas, Philippines

Climbed upstairs of Basilica to see the view of Taal with my friend. Way up is dark and narrow like those Japanese tunnels. Fee is 50 pesos per person. From what I heard this is the largest catholic church in Asia.

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Tokyo Disney Sea
Sunday, November 22nd 2015

Disney Sea |

Although my mum 🙋wants to go to Tokyo Disneyland 🎠, we opted to visit Disney Sea 🐟 first, and planned to visit Tokyo Disneyland right after if there’s time. From Shibuya, we – my mum, along with my brother, took the rapid train 🚅 to New South Exit of Shinjuku.

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Saturday, November 21st 2015

The image below is taken at JR Harajuku Station. Across this is Takeshita-dori (Takeshita Street) and the trees at the back are part of Meiji Shrine ⛩ & Yoyogi Park which are both walking distance and can access by walking for 7 minutes.

And this one below is the Tokyo Metro Harajuku Station. I personally love the exterior design of this station, as it doesn’t feel like Japan at all. This exit is near Meiji Shrine and Omotesando intersection.

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EXO Planet #2: EXO’luxion in Tokyo Dome 151108
Tuesday, November 17th 2015

EXO’luxion hangover~ 😍😍😍 I watched the last day concert (3rd day) in Tokyo Dome last November 08. I’ll start from the day I reached Tokyo:

05 NOV | Shibuya
After I got off Narita Express at Shibuya station, I dragged my luggages to Hachiko exit 😩 and then saw posters of their Japanese debut. Walked a bit to Shibuya crossing and there’s a big billboard at the top of a building and it’s playing Love Me Right ~romantic universe~ version.

Went to apartment, dropped my bags and went outside to eat dinner with my brother, then Tower Records. There was a Beatles album-launch event but I went inside for EXO and LMR suit exhibit~ Walked a lil more to Parco 3 and then back to Tsutaya.


The video above shows all the EXO related places I’ve been to for the days I was in Tokyo~ It’s accessible for me because I stayed in Shibuya and when I went to Harajuku, I bought cookies and candies at Candy A☆GO☆GO.

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Hello and see you, Tokyo! ☁︎
Monday, October 19th 2015


I am going to Tokyo, Japan this Autumn! 🍂 I can’t hardly wait❣️ This is decided and booked on a whim because I told my mum I will go watch concert~ Autumn is also my favourite season. I definitely miss the maple 🍁 and ginko leaves, the cold breeze and the vivid colours of trees! 🍃

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Lemon Pattern
Friday, October 9th 2015

I challenged myself to create artworks every night. So for Day 1, I made lemon 🍋 pattern and icon based on the bag I recently bought. For Day 2, I tried illustrating two characters but I can’t really finish it on one day so I thought maybe I should start and make a comic series. BUT – I got tired doing it so I still have nothing for Day 2 illustration challenge. 😖


A day in Vientiane
Saturday, May 2nd 2015

Vientiane, Laos

We were only there for a day and it started from the border. 🚂 Getting to Vientiane, we took 30~40 minutes ride of local bus bound for city. 🚌 The local bus stopped at the terminal with an adjacent local market. Tuktuks are available there as well. 🚜

Vientiane, Laos

Vientiane, Laos

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