Kiyomizu-dera Temple, Kyoto
Monday, February 29th, 2016
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This is the second day of my trip to Kyoto ⛩. Woke up late and we are 5, which means, we had to shower💧 one after another – one of the reasons why we head out of apartment passed 11. Had full meal brunch at Matsuya 🍜 which is inside Kirara Kujo Shopping Street. We ordered using vendo machine, I used my Pasmo and rewarded myself with kimchi jjigae. Second day to Kyoto! 💜 We head to Kiyomizudera temple🎐for the Lunar New Year. ✨🌕

Rode local train to Tenjimbashisuji 6-chome then waited for like 20 minutes 💢 or so for the 🚆 limited-express train, got confused with the arrival time 🕜 of the rapid train so we hopped on the local train again to Awaji and from there, we waited for the limited-express train to Kawaramachi. 2 mins later, the train arrived! Walked to Gion-Shijo and transferred via Keihan line to Kiyomizu-Gojo Station. From there, we walked again for 10 minutes uphill to Kiyomizudera Temple ⛩

Ema boards 📜 with written wishes.

The photo above reminds me of Korean palaces 🎎 because of the wood paintings. We didn’t roam the area as some parts were closed for renovation. 😢 Already passed 2 in the afternoon when we reached to Kyoto (woke up late 💤 teehee) but it feels like we were there at 10 in the morning! ☀️

Walked down via Kiyomizu-Zaka street: a street full of souvenir shops, biscuits, kimono rentals, and to-go snacks. We all tried this Yatsuhashi cream puff for 💴 300 yen. My friend E and I had matcha flavour, while the rest had custard-filled cream puffs. Looks yummy, right❓

Going down back to the station, I noticed 👀 this small alley.

After Kyoto, we walked back to the station and took Kintetsu-Nara line to Nara. 🐾