EXO Planet #2: EXO’luxion in Tokyo Dome 151108
Tuesday, November 17th, 2015
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EXO’luxion hangover~ 😍😍😍 I watched the last day concert (3rd day) in Tokyo Dome last November 08. I’ll start from the day I reached Tokyo:

05 NOV | Shibuya
After I got off Narita Express at Shibuya station, I dragged my luggages to Hachiko exit 😩 and then saw posters of their Japanese debut. Walked a bit to Shibuya crossing and there’s a big billboard at the top of a building and it’s playing Love Me Right ~romantic universe~ version.

Went to apartment, dropped my bags and went outside to eat dinner with my brother, then Tower Records. There was a Beatles album-launch event but I went inside for EXO and LMR suit exhibit~ Walked a lil more to Parco 3 and then back to Tsutaya.


The video above shows all the EXO related places I’ve been to for the days I was in Tokyo~ It’s accessible for me because I stayed in Shibuya and when I went to Harajuku, I bought cookies and candies at Candy A☆GO☆GO.

08 NOV | Concert Day
From Shibuya, I met up with my cousin who took us to Tokyo Dome. Rode subway to Nagatacho then transferred to Korakuen station. Went to get my tickets, then off I went to CDs line. The line was long 😔 so I went to goods/merch booth and I was lucky to go without the hassle of queueing 😊

I ordered shirts, travel luggage tag, and keyrings. When I was about to pay, I realised I only have ¥1000 with me, because I paid for the ticket! 😐 So I had to ask them if they accept dollar – which of course was impossible. My dilemma was I can’t exchange money because it was Sunday which means there’s no money exchange or bank! 😭 I couldn’t call my mum because of the long queue at Gate 22 and I’m afraid I won’t be able to squeeze myself and find the end of the queue. So, I bought the luggage tag, went to my gate and lined up. 😬


There were staffs/crew filming behind me. Of course, I couldn’t move to show myself on camera, I’m afraid to leave my line. It’s hard to go to concert alone especially overseas. Though I managed to ask the person behind me to take a picture of me in front of the banner. 😜 When the gates were opened, I immediately asked help and my guide was kind enough to take me to my seat. 👍🏼

They were strict. No photos and filming allowed. They’re going to kick you out of the concert just like those in korean concerts. I’m afraid I’ll cause trouble so I had to obey 👌 Though I saw 👀 some Japanese taking photos so I told myself, it wouldn’t hurt to take a single photo and a quick video right? 😛 #ninjamoves 😸

I memorised the setlist but I still have no idea of their stage performance except from Don’t Go. Lucky, Peter Pan, Angel and Promise were my favourites.

As soon as the concert finished, I ran as fast as I could back to Starbucks at La Qua to meet my mum, brother and aunt, and they were already inside Tokyo Sundubu eating dinner~ No queueing for me.  💡


10 NOV | Harajuku
While walking on our way to Meiji-jingu, I heard Love Me Right ~romantic universe~! Mum pointed it to me and I was quick to take photos of the truck blasting the single. I seriously hear LMR everywhere! 🎵🎶 One time we were at Saizeriya and I’m hearing LMR and we’re too far from Shibuya crossing. Turns out there’s an HMV store nearby 😅

EXO ~Love Me Right~ Truck

EXO ~Love Me Right~ Truck

At Takeshita Street, I saw Candy A☆GO☆GO and went inside to buy lollipop and EXO cookies.  😆 Mum insists to take pictures of me so I won’t regret it in the future  😀


After the concert, Chen is climbing on my bias list. I don’t normally notice Chen during their shows but during concert he stands out~!! I also now get the habit of calling Yixing as Lay-chan. Japanese EXO-Ls also pronounce Kai’s name as Ka-eee instead of the normal Kai.  😆 I also noticed that Japanese EXO-Ls do not sing along during concert~ They just hold their lightsticks and then scream then wave lightsticks again. It’s still fun to watch concert in Manila where fans sing louder than the artist  😮