Journey to Pickadaily
Thursday, April 30th, 2015
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We found a waiting tuktuk outside our hotel. I told the driver to bring us to Pickadaily – the place I saw in lakorn and searched in Instagram lol.

I think the driver did not understand the place so I shoved him the address in thai characters. Haha! He said he will bring us to where we want to go except for Pickadaily because it is far. He gave us alternative places to go and even insisted on visiting three Wats (temples). He is asking for 500 Baht which I told him straight NO.

Temple fee is like 6 baht or donation. Train from BTS station is like 30 baht and what he’s asking is pricey. He said the boat to Chao Phraya is like 200+ baht and I was like: no way, I tried it before and I paid 10 or 20 baht for a trip to Wang Lang. So he said: Okay, Okay. *signaled show me your phone*

He said we are going to visit a store – that we should stay there for 10 minutes. My cousins who reached Bangkok days before us, explained to me about the same “deal” that they had to do when riding tuktuk. Years ago, I had no problems or “deals” with tuktuk drivers so this is really new to me. Apparently, the driver will bring us to this souvenir store before we proceed to our destination, for them to be able to get commission fee by bringing in store customers.

We said okay, I felt really sorry already by dragging him to the very far Pickadaily. Haha.

In the end, he didn’t get the fee because we did not buy anything from the store!! The souvenir shop is expensive as fuck. The aunties are pushing us out, telling us to go away after roaming and buying nothing for 10 minutes, and we’re all like WTH! WTF! I am already cursing in Tagalog!! Napilitan na talaga kaming bumili. So I bought 2 Thailand post stamps – 100 baht total, my cousins bought souvenirs as well. Still not enough for our driver to get his fee. UGH!!

The ride was about 30-40 minutes? I kind of slept a little bit. The bangkok air is slapping on my face like a free facial mask. It was actually breezy taena pwahaha. The driver stopped asking for directions, then again and again. It is really far and riding the skytrain was really the best option, hehe.

Pickadaily, Bangkok

Pickadaily, Bangkok

We roamed a bit. We stayed at a cafe called Cafe Retro and took a lot of pictures! Disappointed that the place is not that big and some shops/stores are fake. Fake – which means the walls are only painted!! Huhuhu. But I had a great laugh when we had our lunch at Pizza Hut and everyone is shocked at the condiments as everything is served spicy. Totally forgot about it! Regardless, we enjoyed our pizza, pasta, salad and chicken!

I should’ve bought the girls to temples. It was their first time in Bangkok and I regret not bringing them there. But on a second thought, I think it is best that I also did not because we can’t stay long, we only have a day to roam Bangkok and we are carrying our backpacks.

We hailed cab to bring us to the nearest BTS station. It took us around 20~30 minutes. The place is really far hehehe 😀

We kinda feel relaxed when we rode the skytrain, took the wrong line and stop, but eventually reached Hua Lamphong Station for our overnight train to Laos.

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 Four countries, seven days.

1️⃣ Day 01: Transit at Singapore
2️⃣ Day 02: Pickadaily & Train to Laos
3️⃣ Day 03: A Day in Vientiane, Laos
4️⃣ Day 04: Straight to Siem Reap
5️⃣ Day 05: Cambodia Temple Tour, Angkor Wat Complex
6️⃣ Day 06: Back to Bangkok
7️⃣ Day 07: No Sleep at Patpong & Going Home