Petite France
Tuesday, October 29th, 2013
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Petite France
Gapyeong, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea

Visited Petite France in 2013 and it is a new tourist spot back then~ We went after roaming Nami Island. My friends and I chased the city tour bus going further north. What’s funny was, the next city tour bus will arrive 15 minutes later if we miss it. 😆 So we had no time to lose, 😭 I ran dragging myself and my heavy backpack! 😓 Glad there are seats for us! Back row haha! 😅

I first saw Petite France on Running Man ®️ and it reminds me a lot of English Village at Seoul. 🏛 Adult fee is ₩8,000 and we planned to stay until or before sunset. 🌥 It’s not crowded and there were times we get rooms to ourselves 🕶 and we will take crazy photos after viewing the gallery. Also, they are selling expensive Le Petite Prince 💸 merchandise like phone cases, wallets and keychains! I was hoping i’ll get a little prince planner/diary and there’s none! 📕

The three of us got hungry and we bought 🍢 hotbars. Also bought ₩1,000 worth of peach fuze drink🍹 at vendo. So cheap!! Most of the visitors are Koreans~ Especially ahjummas in groups, and families who enjoyed taking pictures as much as we do. 💦

Also, the whimsical-cute korean drama Secret Garden was filmed here too! 💙 There’s a small tribute corner and a  Hyun Bin standee wearing his infamous italian-sewed 🎽 jacket so people can take pictures with him kkk. 💕 A show was about to start at the amphitheater but we ran back to the bus stop to catch our bus back to Gapyeong station. 🚍